Cracking mirror in Science Centre Ahhaa

Cracking mirror in Science Centre Ahhaa


Cracking mirror is a fun application, based on clever integration of mirror displays and distance sensors. The mirrors you see on restrooms on first sight seem perfectly normal, until you get closer and start to see the mirror cracking. The cracking visual effect is accompanied by cracking sound to increase the immersion. The closer you get to the mirror, the more cracks appear.

Our participation

  • programming the application
  • OS installation and configuration for kiosk mode (timed and automated restarts etc)

Technical info

The distance of a visitor is fed to the application via a distance sensor. According to the interpreted distance, the application then animates cracks and plays cracking sounds.

  • OS: Win10
  • language/framework: Unity3D, C#, Serial port reading/Arduino


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  • Date : 03/2019
  • Client : Science Centre Ahhaa