Tartu Town Hall Smart City demo centre exhibits

Tartu Town Hall Smart City demo centre exhibits


Four interactive exhibits in Tartu Town Hall demo centre, demonstrating Tartu’s keenness on being at the forefront of infotechnological progress. The exhibit in the front room has a massive video wall displaying the map of Tartu. The video wall is covered under a raised scale model of Tartu. The application displays bus and taxi traffic in real time, along with integrated map markers from Waze application. The visitor can change the base map, display sewerage, rainwater and water pipelines, population density, districts and a historic view of Dorpat.

Exhibits in the back room display real time images from traffic cameras, a web application showing population migration in points of interests by Positium and allow the visitor to play back a variety of videos relating to the demo centre.

Our participation

  • writing the programs
  • OS installation and configuration for kiosk mode (timed and automated restarts etc)
  • setting up remote management
  • remote management

Technical info

Applications are written for Chrome browser. Applications showing map of Tartu are written using Google Maps API.

The front room application has 3 video outputs: a “videowall” consisting of 15 TVs, a wall-mounted TV and a touchscreen for user interaction. A map of Tartu is displayed on all video outputs. Two video outputs have synchronized switching of base maps and overlays, third one stand independent of user input but shares same realtime data stream. So instead of screen duplication, a seperate browser instance is running on each screen. Browsers communicate with and synchronize to each other through localStorage.

Back room exhibits each have two video outputs: a wall-mounted TV and a touchscreen.

  • OS: Win8.1
  • langauge/framework: php, html, javascript/jQuery, AHK



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  • Date : 10/9/2015
  • Client : Science Centre Ahhaa, Smartcitylab.eu, Tartu Town Hall