Astana 2017 Expo Georgian pavilion kinect-based game

Astana 2017 Expo Georgian pavilion kinect-based game


An interactive exhibit that was built for Georgian Pavilion in Astana, Kazakhstan, as a part of Astana Expo 2017. The theme of Expo was “Future Energy”. The exhibit illustrates in a fun way how Georgia uses hydroelectricity to power their capital Tbilisi.

Visitors see four turbines projected onto a table, with a generator in the middle. Waving on top of a turbine will put it in motion and hydroenergy starts to travel towards the central generator. The goal of the game is by waving on top of the turbines (as if generating waves) to produce enough power to activate the generator. The generator will only activate when all the four turbines have produced enough power to reach the generator. Since there are four turbines and one can’t move them alone, friends should be called for to win the game.

When the game is won, a video is displayed showing energy flowing through the city of Tbilisi.

Our participation

  • collaboration with client’s designer to visualize the end product
  • writing the applications
  • OS installation and configuration for kiosk mode (timed and automated restarts etc)
  • on-site calibration of Kinect application
  • installation and setup of remote management
  • remote management

Technical info

The exhibit is built with two applications interacting with each other: a backend Kinect application written in python that sends signals to the frontend game application written for Chrome browser. There is also a separate calibration mode written for the Kinect application that allows for quick and easy re-calibration should there be a need to move the exhibit.

  • OS: Win10
  • language/framework: python, pykinect2, numpy, pygame, opencv, html, javascript/jQuery, AHK


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