“Aha, Behind the Scenes!” exhibition Foley exhibit

“Aha, Behind the Scenes!” exhibition Foley exhibit


A sound recording application for Science Centre Ahhaa’s exhibition “Aha, behind the scenes”. The exhibit allows for recording audio over video clips, offering the visitor a chance to be a foley artist. Visitor makes a choice from 6 available clips. After a countdown timer, the clip starts to play while audio is being recorded. A big wall-mounted TV shows the playing clip for easier timing of the sound effects, a smaller touchscreen shows realtime audio spectrum overlayed on the playing clip. The sepctrum shows the volume of the effects captured by the microphone. There is a wide variety of “instruments” available on the exhibit’s table to produce sound effects (kicking a floor drum, flapping together empty gloves, striking coconut shells against each other etc). Once the clip has been recorded, the result of merged audio and video is played back to the visitor. Now the visitor can either re-record the clip, choose another clip, or upload the clip to Science Centre Ahhaa Facebook account and get a notification with a direct link to the video to his or hers email.

Our participation

  • writing the application
  • connecting social media accounts with application
  • OS installation and configuration for kiosk mode (timed and automated restarts etc)
  • assembling the exhibit/hardware

Technical info

There are two active video outputs, one for a large wall-mounted TV, another for touchscreen-capable display where the visitor navigates the application. The screens display different scenes until audio recording starts, then a synchronized video clip is played back on both screens. User interface is written in python on Kivy framework.

  • OS: Win8.1
  • language/framework: python, kivy framework


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